Bluecuckoo fabric and cushions are created using traditional British fabrics, inspired by our passions for hunting, shooting, racing and the countryside.

I provide a personal service, all fabrics and cushions are embroidered and made to order by craftsmen and women in England. Please visit the gallery for ideas and inspiration.

Unique gifts – Hunting, Racing, Shooting and Eventing Cushions; Family Crests and Coats of Arms or one of your own designs

Hunt Cushions are made from the same material as Hunt Coats – Cavalry Twill  – 100% wool and 100%  British –  and embroidered with your Hunt’s Button.

Shooting, Racing, Team Chasing and Eventing Cushions – cushions embroidered with your colours embroidered on cavalry twill or velvet in a variety of colours.

Family Crests, Coats of Arms and Regimental Cyphers beautifully embroidered on Heavy Military Cavalry Twill Fabric: 100% Wool; 100% British.

Business Logos and Club Motifs or virtually any other great idea can be embroidered on cavalry twill or velvet.

.……………………….They are beyond wonderful and I am more pleased that you could possibly imagine………  Thank you!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Rosie Vestey  

they are gorgeous – Peely has a red one embroidered with a gold North Cotswold Crest in his office. I have a black one with a primrose cloth on the back which matches the black coat and primrose collar of my coat ……..such a lovely idea – and the perfect gift

Sophia Peel MFH

damn good. Every sporting home should have one – I have many including the buttons of each pack  whose hounds I have had the privilege to hunt and a fantastic one of my Regimental Hunt button.

Major Tim Easby, Director, The Hunting Office