Hunt Button Placemats and Coasters

Hunt Button Placemats and Coasters

Nearly 400 Foxhound, Harrier and Beagle packs in England, Scotland and Wales each have their individual Hunt Buttons. Our placemats and coasters depict the wide variety of designs. From the simple single letter of the Fernie Foxhounds to the flamboyant crossed foxes of the Wynnstay each button is unique.

Choose a single button all in the same colour – or mix and match to create a colourful and fun dinner table:

  • In scarlet, black, navy, green, mustard or chocolate – the same colour as your Hunt Coat
  • All placemats and Coasters can be made with any button
  • In sets of four or six
  • Wonderful presents
  • Rectangular and Round Placemats £30.00 for 4; Coasters £15.00 for 4 plus P&P

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Example Placemats and Coasters: